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 -A One hour lesson in our Whimsical & Wonderful, Real Working Bakery where students Learn to Bake with our Master Bakers! 

-Each student is supplied with an Apron, a Chefs Hat, and All they need to make our DELICIOUS Pretzels, and their own Personalized Take Home Bakery Box for their Delicious Treats!

-Our Master Bakers Teach and Guide the Students How to Mix the Dough and Make Pretzel Shapes with our Enjoyable, Easy to Follow instructions. (Including Our Special Helpful Tips along the way!)

-After the pretzels are made, the students get to choose from a Variety of Sweet and Savory pretzel toppings, to Personalize and Pizazz their delicious creations even more!

 -While their pretzels are baking, we clean up and Play a Fun Baking Learning Game to Enhance and or instill their baking knowledge! Along with their Wonderful Baking Knowledge, each student goes home with their Personal Bakery Box filled with their Warm, Freshly Baked, Beautiful Pretzel Creations to Enjoy!

This Fun and Unique Learning Experience is only $59.99 per student! A Minimum of 6 students are needed to reserve a class date and time.  INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, CO WORKERS, & NEIGHBORS for a FABULOUS & UNIQUE experience! 

CALL US at 818-210-6800 to Reserve Your Class Date and Time!