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-A one and a half hour party in our Whimsical & Wonderful, Real Working Bakery where students Learn to Create Treats with our Master Bakers! 

-Each guest is supplied with an Apron, a Chefs Hat, Gloves, All they need to make our DELICIOUS Candy Sushi, and their own Take Home Box for their Delicious Treats!

-Our Master Bakers Teach and Guide the Students How to Make their own Pizzas And How to Make and Roll  various different types of Candy Sushi with our Enjoyable, Easy to Follow instructions. (Including Our Special Helpful Tips along the way!)

-The guests get to use a Variety of Sweets to produce their own personal Candy Sushi fillings.! This really brings out their true Creativity! 

-After the Sushi is made, each guest gets to eat and enjoy their own homemade pizza!

-Then it is Celebration Time!  We sing Happy Birthday while Presenting our Signature Personalized Cookie Cake. After the cake is served, the guests will have an opportunity to Showcase their Wonderful Works of Art by taking pictures with their creations in front of our Whimsical Picture Wall!         

-Along with their Wonderful Candy Sushi Making Knowledge, each guest goes home with their own container d filled with their Yummy Candy Sushi to Enjoy! This is a Fun and Super Unique Party Experience.

This Complete Party is Only $695 for up to 10 guests.  Additional guests may be added for a Discounted additional fee per guest.