Santa's Gingerbread Sleigh

Santa's Gingerbread Sleigh

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Santa's DELICIOUS & ENCHANTING Gingerbread Sleigh creates a Fabulously Festive & UNIQUE Holiday Display. It is an EDIBLE Masterpiece that is Meticulously Crafted & Hand Decorated with Attention to Every Detail!  It GLISTENS with an Array of Colorful Icing, Shimmering Sprinkles & Whimsical Designs! Santa's Trusty Team of Gingerbread Reindeer are all Lovingly Detailed from their Tiny Antlers to their Cute Black Noses! And of course there is Rudolph at the Helm with his Shiny Red Nose to lead the way! 

Inside the Sleigh, a bounty of DELICIOUS, Personalized Gingerbread Gifts awaits. The gifts are Delicately Hand Decorated with names of family members, friends and or co-workers!  Each gift is adorned with Delicate icing ribbons & bows adding even yet an additional Touch of Whimsy and Charm!

To complete this Festive Scene is a Sweet, Little Gingerbread Christmas Tree with the Family Name proudly Displayed, making this a Truly Personal & Heartwarming tribute to the Holiday season! 

This DELECTABLE Sleigh is a Masterpiece of Old Fashioned, Gingerbread Made from the Finest, All Natural Ingredients. It exudes a Warm Spiced Aroma, inviting everyone to indulge in this DELICIOUS treat!  It is not only a Feast for the Eyes but yet a Celebration of Togetherness during the Holiday Season!